Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Sheffield CU Acorn Fund

Towards the end of last year, we were thrilled to be able to offer another round of the Sheffield CU Acorn Fund to children and young people at our CU subscribed schools. 
Students from Yewlands Academy receive their cheque to fund their Animation Club
For those who don't know, the Acorn Fund is awarded to groups of children and young people from any Sheffield Children’s University school to use to develop out of school clubs and activities in school. The idea is that just like a tiny acorn grows into a huge oak tree, children and young people can use a small amount of money from the Acorn Fund to grow a wonderful club or activity in their school. The opportunity to bid for funds through this project is one of the many benefits for schools who are part of Sheffield CU, and enables us to empower children and young people to take ownership of their out of school programme and encourages consultation and good practice.
Children from Oughtibridge Primary School receive equipment for their Acorn Funded Nature Club!
This time around, 15 groups of children and young people from our CU schools put together successful bids and were awarded with the funds requested to develop and deliver their own CU activities in school. We were very impressed with the amount of research and consultation that was evidenced in many of the applications we received and were delighted to be able to support the start up of 15 different CU clubs!
Children from St Mary's CE receive their Acorn Fund cheque alongside their Headteacher Lynn Thorne
Some of the fantastic activities this time included climbing/bouldering club, coding club, archery club, nature club, table tennis, gymnastics, sensory club and even animation club! Specially designed cheques were sent into schools to be presented to the children and young people who made the bid and many of the clubs are now up and running in schools. HUGE congratulations to all the children and young people who took part!
A pupil from Southey Green Primary proudly receives their Acorn Fund cheque!

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