Monday, 1 February 2016

Using the Passport to Learning in Sheffield - the golden rules!

With less than a week until February Freebie activities begin, we thought it was a good time to share the golden rules of the Passport to Learning. To make sure your CU credits count towards your awards, and badges, just follow these 4 simple rules!

1. Learning Destination - the Passport to Learning can only be used at activities that take place at CU approved activity providers. Visit: and click on 'Learning Destinations' for a full list. If someone is not on the list, tell them about us, and us about them!

2. Consent sticker - make sure the consent sticker is signed by a parent/carer before you take your Passport to any Learning Destination

3. Attendance Register - your name MUST be put on a CU attendance register at a Learning Destination in Sheffield. They send it to us and without it, we can't award your credits!

4. Diary Sheet - if you visit a Learning Destination beyond Sheffield you need to complete and return a diary sheet and we'll know to award your credits. You can download one here:

REMEMBER: you do NOT need to register your Passport with the Sheffield CU central team, just take it along to a Learning Destination, make sure you add your name to the CU register and start working towards your first award!

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