Friday, 27 March 2015

Learning Destination Update

We have been informed that as of 1st April, Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre will no longer be under the control of Sheffield International Venues (SIV). Instead, the centre will be run by Places for People. 

As a result, they will no longer be be a validated Learning Destination from this date, as they will not fall under the validation of SIV we completed in June 2014.

However, we are working to forge links with the incoming management team and hope that they will become validated in their own right very soon, meaning that you will be able to begin collecting CU credits from their activities from that date on wards.

We need to ensure that the new organisation and their activities meet our criteria and validation checks, as do all Learning Destinations across the city. This includes them having to declare they have a number of policies and procedures in place which relate to the quality and safety of their activities. We also visit them and discuss the learning elements of their activities too, to make sure your children are getting the very best from their activities. Part of the validation visit also checks that the organisation are willing to keep and return those all-important CU registers! You’ll be aware already that these registers are the ONLY way we know which credits to award to which children for which activity, and without them, we are unable to award the credits.

So, watch this space! As soon as they are validated, we’ll be sure to announce it here on our blog, and also on our social media sites, so please make sure you follow us on Twitter (@SheffieldCU), and Facebook (SheffieldCU)

PLEASE NOTE: this ONLY applies to Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre. All other SIV venues remain as Learning Destinations.

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